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Other interesting software

We don’t claim to be the only ones doing what we do ... and especially not to assert claims to be the best either ... What we do, we just try to do it well and getting better ...

The following list represents softwares that tend to be more or less as MediaSPIP or that MediaSPIP tries more or less to do the same, whatever ...

We don’t know them, we didn’t try them, but you can take a peek.


Website: http://videopress.com/

License: GNU/GPL v2

Source code: http://code.trac.wordpress.org/browser/wordpresscom-video-server/trunk/

Axes of Use: video management

Technology : based on wordpress so PHP etc..

Short presentation :

VideoPress integrates seamlessly with your existing WordPress publishing flow. Upload new videos to your blog’s media library and we’ll take care of all the technical details including in post display, search engine optimization and social media integration.

You can purchase VideoPress for $59.97/year as an upgrade to any WordPress.com blog. There’s also a plugin that let’s you use VideoPress with any WordPress.org blog. [1]


Website: http://mediacore.com/

License: GNU/GPL v3

Source code: https://github.com/mediacore/mediacore

Axes of Use: video management

Technology: Python language and uses lots of other stuff like Google Closure, SQLAlchemy and Pylons [2].

Short presentation:

MediaCore is a free, open source video platform and podcast CMS. It makes the distribution and administration of media on any website easy.

Media Core provides unparalleled organization, statistics, accessibility, and scalability. Well-designed and well-engineered, it can bring a powerful online video experience to your site. [3]


Website: http://clip-bucket.com/

License: Attribution Assurance License

Source code: http://sourceforge.net/projects/clipbucket/files/

Axes of Use: video management

Technology: PHP, Flash (for the player) etc...

Short presentation:

ClipBucket is an opensource and free script that will let you start your own Video Sharing(Youtube Clone) website in matter of minutes, ClipBucket is fastest growing script with most video sharing websites and social networking freatures. [4]

HWD Media Share

Website: http://hwdmediashare.co.uk/

License: Proprietary software (Payable licenses)

Source code: N/A

Axes of Use: media management (video / photo...)

Technology: based on Joomla so PHP etc..

Short presentation:

Share media on your Joomla website

We develop media sharing extensions for the Joomla CMS. We empower Joomla webmasters allowing the easily creation of media-rich online communities. Use hwdMediaShare to give your website users a dynamic, interactive experience. Joomla video and Joomla photo components can vastly improve the appeal of your website. hwdMediaShare contains hwdVideoShare, hwdPhotoShare and hwdRevenueManager. [5]


[2If you don’t understand, don’t worry, us too. You can use the best friend of man for more infos about it

[3Derived from their website : http://mediacore.com/

[4From their website : http://clip-bucket.com/

[5From their website : http://hwdmediashare.co.uk/

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