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There are several ways to help improve MediaSPIP and / or participate directly in its development. [1]

Use, discuss, criticize

Whether you are a developer, a designer or a user of any kind, you have ideas...

Talk to people directly involved in MediaSPIP’s development, or to people around you who could use MediaSPIP to share, enhance or develop their creative projects.

The bigger the community, the more MediaSPIP’s potential will be explored and the faster the software will evolve.

A discussion list is available for all exchanges between users.

Contribute to documentation

Documentation is vital to the development of improved technical capabilities.

MediaSPIP welcomes documentation by users as well as developers - including:

  • critique of existing features and functions
  • articles contributed by developers, administrators, content producers and editors
  • screenshots to illustrate the above
  • translations of existing documentation into other languages

To contribute, register to the project users’ mailing list.

Contribute to translation

You are a user or developer with your own language concepts...

You can help us to improve the language used in the software interface to make MediaSPIP more accessible and user-friendly. You can also translate the interface into any language that allows it to spread to new linguistic communities.

To do this, we use the translation interface of SPIP where the all the language modules of MediaSPIP are available. Just subscribe to the mailing list and request further informantion on translation.

MediaSPIP is currently available in French and English only.

Contribute to a better visual interface

You are a graphic artist, designer, or you simply have ideas on how to make MediaSPIP better-looking...

MediaSPIP is based on a system of themes and templates. Templates define the placement of information on the page, and can be adapted to a wide range of uses. Themes define the overall graphic appearance of the site.

Anyone can submit a new graphic theme or template and make it available to the MediaSPIP community.

Submit bugs and patches

You are a user or developer and you come across an anomaly...

Unfortunately a software is never perfect.

If you think you have found a bug, report it using our ticket system. Please to help us to fix it by providing the following information:

  • the browser you are using, including the exact version
  • as precise an explanation as possible of the problem
  • if possible, the steps taken resulting in the problem
  • a link to the site / page in question

If you think you have solved the bug, fill in a ticket and attach to it a corrective patch.

You may also report such problems on the MediaSPIP development mailing list.

Submit enhancements and plugins

You are a developer and want to create a new feature for MediaSPIP...

If you have developed a new extension to add one or more useful features to MediaSPIP, let us know and its integration into the core MedisSPIP functionality will be considered.

You can use the development discussion list to request for help with creating a plugin. As MediaSPIP is based on SPIP - or you can use the SPIP discussion list SPIP-Zone.


[1Logos used in this section are the work of Aleksandra Wolska and are free even for commercial use

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