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Supporting all media types

Unlike most software and media-sharing platforms, MediaSPIP aims to manage as many different media types as possible. The following are just a few examples from an ever-expanding list of supported formats:

  • images: png, gif, jpg, bmp and more
  • audio: MP3, Ogg, Wav and more
  • video: AVI, MP4, OGV, mpg, mov, wmv and more
  • text, code and other data: OpenOffice, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), web (html, CSS), LaTeX, Google Earth and more

HTML5 audio and video support

MediaSPIP uses HTML5 video and audio tags to play multimedia files, taking advantage of the latest W3C innovations supported by modern browsers.

The MediaSPIP player used has been created specifically for MediaSPIP and can be easily adapted to fit in with a specific theme.

For older browsers the Flowplayer flash fallback is used.

MediaSPIP allows for media playback on major mobile platforms with the above software.

Encoding and processing into web-friendly formats

MediaSPIP automatically converts uploaded files to internet-compatible formats.

Video files are encoded in MP4, Ogv and WebM (supported by HTML5) and MP4 (supported by Flash).

Audio files are encoded in MP3 and Ogg (supported by HTML5) and MP3 (supported by Flash).

Where possible, text is analyzed in order to retrieve the data needed for search engine detection, and then exported as a series of image files.

All uploaded files are stored online in their original format, so you can re-encode or convert them to other formats if something goes wrong or if the quality can be improved.

Keeping control of your media in your hands

The vocabulary used on this site and around MediaSPIP in general, aims to avoid reference to Web 2.0 and the companies that profit from media-sharing.

While using MediaSPIP, you are invited to avoid using words like "Brand", "Cloud" and "Market".

MediaSPIP is designed to facilitate the sharing of creative media online, while allowing authors to retain complete control of their work.

MediaSPIP aims to be accessible to as many people as possible and development is based on expanding the software’s creative potential. Commercial interests don’t come into it.

All code written specifically for MediaSPIP is available under the GNU/GPL v3 license.

To learn more about MediaSPIP’s philosophy, please see this list of software designed with similar aims.

Creating farms of unique websites

MediaSPIP platforms can be installed as a farm, with a single "core" hosted on a dedicated server and used by multiple websites.

This allows (among other things):

  • implementation costs to be shared between several different projects / individuals
  • rapid deployment of multiple unique sites
  • creation of groups of like-minded sites, making it possible to browse media in a more controlled and selective environment than the major "open" platforms.
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