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Above all, remember to refer to the installation documentation to take consideration of the elements needed before installing your MediaSPIP.

Automated installation script of MediaSPIP

Zip - 110.1 kb
MediaSPIP installation script

To overcome the difficulties mainly due to the installation of server side software dependencies, an "all-in-one" installation script written in bash was created to facilitate this step on a server with a compatible Linux distribution.

You must have access to your server via SSH and a root account to use it, which will install the dependencies. Contact your provider if you do not have that.

The documentation of the use of this installation script is available here.

The code of this script is of course under GPL v3 and its source code can be seen here

MediaSPIP v0.2

The Onion Release

Zip - 36.5 Mb
MediaSPIP v0.2

MediaSPIP 0.2 is the first MediaSPIP stable release.

Its official release date is June 21, 2013 and is announced here.

The zip file provided here only contains the sources of MediaSPIP in its standalone version.

To get a working installation, you must manually install all-software dependencies on the server.

If you want to use this archive for an installation in "farm mode", you will also need to proceed to other manual changes.

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